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All of our charcoal is made out of locally sourced hardwood and produced in a retort kiln to produce pure, easy to light charcoal. It will be ready to use in 10 minutes and has a long burn time. Because no chemicals have been added, it won't produce any flames or smoke. We package the charcoal in biodegradable paper bags.    


The charcoal is made in an Exeter retort, which is the cleanest way of producing charcoal. The retort has two chambers. The wood is stacked into the inner chamber and is sealed. Then the outer chamber is closed and a fire is lit at the bottom, heating up the wood. Once the wood gets hot enough the gas is re-directed down to the bottom and is lit. The machine then needs no more wood to keep it hot and little interface, and keeps burning for 8-10 hours. The extreme heat extracts all harmful gases, leaving the charcoal 98% pure carbon. This method means that the charcoal doesn't leave a nasty taste on your food from chemicals and is completely smokeless.   


We only use quality hardwood felled in Norfolk for our charcoal. None of the wood is imported. We only use hardwood so that the charcoal has a long burn time. On the bags, you will be able to see what species of wood it is and where it came from.

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