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Charcoal Making Experiences


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Would you like to learn how to make charcoal? Here at Norfolk Charcoal we take pride in loading the retort and packaging every bag by hand. This way we know exactly what goes into every bag we sell. We would like to share this hands-on experience with you! At our charcoal making experience days, it's not a 'show and tell', you will get to be involved with the lighting and cooking of the charcoal, alongside bagging up the previously days load of charcoal and re-loading it with quality hardwood. You will learn how to run an Exeter retort, from lighting to completion. 

It's not all work; on arrival you will be greeted with a full English breakfast and hot drinks. After a morning of work, we will then have a hot lunch cooked on the barbeque. On our last day, we had a delicious short rib from our wonderful stockist Bowers Butchers, cooked on Norfolk charcoal of course! 

We are holding our next charcoal experience day on the 13th of June. All are welcome and we would love for you to come!

If you are interested/would like some more information, please call or email us using the contact page.


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